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Roto-Rooter of Southern Oregon specializes in emergency drain cleaning for all of the Rogue Valley.

For drain cleaning services, Roto-Rooter is only a quick call away.

Drain cleaning hydro jetting and drain and sewer cleaning is available 24 hours and 7 days a week.


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With over 75 years of experience in the plumbing industry Rotor-Rooter of Southern Oregon is a locally owned business. The best part is they are license, bonded, insured and all work is guaranteed.

You will be happy that you called Roto-Rooter of Southern Oregon when a drain cleaning problem arises. Emergency and same day service is available. Need a quote? Quotes are also available, so you have no reason to call right now!

Roto-Rooter is a trusted name throughout the Rogue Valley and across America.

You Need Drain Cleaning

You Have Standing Water

If you have water that does not drain from your sink, shower, bathtub or washing machine. There are plenty of reasons this could be happening.

Don’t spend all day going back and forth to the local hardware store, just to find out you don’t have the tools and expertise to get it fixed.

Call the standing water gurus at Roto-Rooter, and they will get it done accurately.

You Have a Slow Moving Drain

Do you have obstacles in your drain like grease, hair, soap can cause the water to drain slowly? Do you need to get fast and friendly drain cleaning? You could also have a root growing in a pipe.

Don’t wait, call Roto-Rooter and help your pipes drain smoothly.

You Have Multiple Clogged Drains

When you have multiple clogged drains, there is most likely a very serious problem going on in your pipes. A sewer line could be clogged or broken. You might have some obstruction that is reducing the drainage.

If you wait, it won’t go away and delaying it could cause additional damage. Call in the professionals at Roto-Rooter right away.

You Have Unexplained Foul Odor

Are you experiencing smelly odors that won’t go away? You think it might be coming from the kitchen sink or another drain. It might be something in your drain pipes that needs to be cleared. It is a good time to schedule a visit from Roto-Rooter.

You Have Frequent Clogs

When you’re getting frequent clogs in your drains, it may mean you have a serious blockage in your pipes. Our professional drain cleaning service can use camera technology to determine what is blocking your pipes. Call Roto-Rooter today!

You are Hearing Persistent Gurgling Sounds

This is usually due to air in your pipes, It might be an easy fix,but sometimes calcium or other buildups are forming in your pipes that need to be removed by a professional. Call Roto-Rooter today to schedule an assessment.

You Have a Pool Water

A leaking water heater, dishwasher or leaky pipe can cause the appearance of water on your floor. When you have standing water on your flooring it can cause serious damage to the homes, flooring and structure, Don’t wait a single minute!

This is an emergency and it needs immediate attention. Call Roto-Rooter 24/7 for emergency help!

Your Toilets Keep Overflowing

A toilet that overflows might be the worst nightmare you can imagine when it comes to your plumbing, but it is not a big issue for the experts at Roto-Rooter.

Often the problem is toilet paper or other products were flushed down the toilet that is now stuck to the inside of the drain pipe.

Nothing Seems to Work!

It is not easy to disengage these obstacles with normal toilet plungers, liquid drain openers or other household tools that you might have. Roto-Rooter has the correct toilet drain cleaning tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Give them a call today!

Do You Have Issues with Fruit Flies

You have no fruit outside of the refrigerator and you have taken out the trash, but those pesky fruit flies won’t disappear. It might be food buildup that forms to your garbage disposal’s drain. If you have tried everything and nothing gets rid of those obnoxious fruit flies, Give Roto-Rooter a call to do a drain pipe cleaning.

Get Services for These Sewer & Drain Cleaning Issues:

  • Kitchens
    • Drain cleaning clogged drains (grease, fats, and detergents)
    • Food clogging kitchen sink
    • Fruit fly problems
    • Garbage disposal
    • Drain cleaning
    • Broken pipes, valves
  • Bathrooms
    • Sinks clogged with hair, toothpaste, soap, and grime
    • Soap and hair buildups in shower and tub drains
    • Laundry room
      • Washer drain clearing
  • Hot water heater
    • Water heater flush
  • Toilets
    • Toilet repairs
  • Sewer & Septic
    • Roots growing into drain pipes and sewer lines
    • Broken sewer line
    • Slow drainage
    • Sewer smells coming from drains
Tips for a Fresh Kitchen Sink

Try adding baking soda to the drain and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Next add white vinegar and let bubble and clean for a few minutes. Finally add boiling hot water. If you use baking soda in the refrigerator, change it more often and use it in your kitchen sink. You can also add essential oils to the boiling water or use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

Tips for a Fresh Garbage Disposal

We have been using the used squeezed lemons for years and every time you use the disposal you get a burst of lemon. You can add some ice cubes and salt to the lemon peels as well.

Another trick is to freeze some small wedges of lemon and drop some down the disposal along with vinegar and turn on the disposal.

Finally find a dish soap with lemon or pine fragrance and pour some in the sink that has the disposal add some salt and add boiling hot water, then turn on the disposal.